Does God Want You to be Miserable? (From “Stuff Christians Like”)

I read a great post on the blog “Stuff Christians Like” this week that asked this question: “does God want you to be miserable?”

Is it true that being a Christian means having no fun, giving up on all of our own dreams, and not doing anything that makes us happy and abandoning everything we’re passionate about?

Here’s an excerpt of what Jon Acuff writes in this post:

…it’s amazing how many people think being a Christian means doing the opposite of what you’re passionate about.

A chaplain told me that one of his college students came to him and said, “I’m conflicted. I really want to serve the Lord, but I love film making. I don’t know what to do.”

That word “but” is such a beautiful trick by the enemy. That young man felt alive and filled with joy when he made films. In those moments, though, he couldn’t imagine that God was happy about that, or enjoyed him making films or could be served and glorified through film making.

He didn’t say, “I really want to serve the Lord, and I love film making.” He said, “I really want to serve the Lord, but I love film making.”

is it possible that God wants us to use the things we’re passionate about, to do the things that bring us joy and happiness, the things we love to do?

Click here to read the whole post for yourself.

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