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I’ve noticed that in today’s world there’s a lot of either/or going on. There’s a lot of black and white, “you either agree with me, or you’re wrong” ways of thinking. There’s not a lot of space for honest questions and legitimate discussions, particularly when it comes to faith and life. There’s not a lot of places where people can express honest doubt or uncertainty. There are not a lot of spaces for people to simply say “I don’t know.”

I’m creating this blog because I want to create that kind of space. Space where people can wrestle and grapple with the intersection of faith in Christ and life in a messy, not-so-black-and-white kind of way. Space where people can ask honest questions without being labeled ignorant or intolerant. Space where people are able to disagree and still respect each other. Space where people are willing to admit that they might agree with people with whom they usually disagree.

Life is messy. Faith is messy. None of is simple. However, I believe that in the middle of it all, there’s great opportunity for hope, love, peace, and joy, because ultimately, I believe that God can be found right in the middle of the messiness of it all.

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