Why I’m Planting a Boring Church

“What kind of church is The Village? What’s unique about The Village? What’s your thing?” Those are the kinds of questions I’ve been asked repeatedly this week while I’m attending a national gathering of church planters in Orlando. There’s a lot of talk among the people at this conference about tag lines and target audiences that might capture the hearts and attention of people who feel far from God.

As I’m listening to other people, I’m noticing a lot of really great tag lines and super-specific targets for churches. There’s a guy who said he’s planting a church targeted at young adults in rural southeastern Wisconsin. There’s a woman doing bar and coffee shop ministry. There are people planting networks of organically growing micro-communities. There’s a church at the beach. There’s a church without walls. There’s a church for Disney cast members. All of that sounds really awesome!

And when I’ve been asked that question, what’s my response? Well, honestly, I’m saying we’re just kind of a boring church made up of ordinary people who are trying to figure out together what it looks like to follow Jesus. It’s not sexy. It’s not flashy. It’s not dynamic or ultra-creative and innovative or frankly all that exciting when it comes down to it.

We’re just some regular people who are growing in our commitment to make disciples of Jesus who make disciples who make disciples. We’re just some run-of-the-mill people of a variety of ages and stages in life who happen to think we can love and serve our neighbors, who happen to be crazy enough to think that our community can be transformed by the presence of love and hope and grace, who happen to believe that the Holy Spirit is still in the business of changing lives and wants to accomplish that through ordinary people like us.

We’re crazy enough to think that the holy shows up in the ordinary. That when we meet together over a meal, God is there. That when we seek God humbly in prayer, God is there. That when we give of ourselves for the sake of others, God is there. That the Holy Spirit is present with us in our regular, everyday, boring, humdrum, crazy, daily lives. In every breath, every step, every word, every argument, every sneeze, every laugh, every moment of despair, every time, space, way, place, ordinary is holy because God is there.

So, because of that, we’re planting a boring church with ordinary people who are tying to figure it out together. We don’t believe that this church has an exciting mission as much as we hope that God’s exciting mission has this church. We pray that God’s mission will captivate our hearts and our imaginations so that we might boldly and courageously follow Jesus wherever he leads us.

We are boring people. Ordinary. Normal. But God is anything but that. I’m grateful that God is abnormal, exhilarating, and extraordinary so that we don’t have to be.

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